Pick up Shadow Complex on Xbox Live Arcade for just 800 MS points (£6.20)

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Each week the Xbox Live team put up a couple of offers to entice Gold subscribers to start flashing the moolah. Sadly, more often than not the games they pick to discount are rubbish. Not this week however.

For one week only as of today, the excellent Shadow Complex will be available for the super-low price of 800 MS points. That’s just £6.20 in real world money.

Shadow Complex has rightly picked up numerous “Xbox Live Arcade Game of the Year” accolades. A “2.5D” side-scrolling shooter/RPG/Adventure hybrid, it mixes all the best bits from classic games such as Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Flashback, and wraps them up in flashy 720p graphics, the likes of which rarely grace a downloadable title.

If it’s previous 1200 MS point price tag put you off, you’ve really no excuse now. It’s a superb title that could easily surpass many retail big-budget offerings, and right now costs you the same as a portion of fish and chips.

Video review courtesy of IGN

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  • I am still hesitating whether to pay for it or wait till I manage to get the points. I don’t have much time to play lately so maybe I’ll pay.

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