Vodafone announce iPhone tariff details

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vodafone-iphone.jpgVodafone will be selling the iPhone from January 14th, and Tech Digest have all the details you need for the deals on offer. Network fence-sitters will be upset to learn that Vodafone haven’t made any drastic cuts on the pricing of the iPhone, though the network operator has thrown in a few perks of its own to make it worth considering.

Vodafone are offering a £30 a month tariff, £5 cheaper than O2’s cheapest deal and in a similar range to Orange’s offers. To get an iPhone 3G for free, customers will have to shell out £35 a month on a 24 month tariff or £40 a month on a shorter 18month deal.

It’ll cost £45 a month to get an iPhone 3GS free on contract.

£70 a month is the top-end offering, which will bag you a free 32GB model and 3,000 minutes a month of calls.

Vodafone have also being pretty generous in their data allowances, allowing users up to 1GB of browsing, compared to the meagre 750MB from Orange and the still vague “unlimited” allowance from O2.

Also in their favour, Vodafone are offering their customers the first online network checker (championing Vodafone’s superior network reliability) and a Vodafone Access Gateway that should improve coverage when using a home broadband connection.

On top of that, customers on all deals other than the cheapest 18 month contract will get unlimited text messages, whilst existing Vodafone users will receive free calls to any other phone on the network for the entirety of their contract, providing they pre-order a handset.

You can pre-order Vodafone’s iPhone here prior to it’s 14th January release date. The deals will soon also be available from Apple, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Vodafone has confirmed that it will launch the iPhone to businesses and consumers on 14 January, but has done little to generate competition in the market with its pricing plans.The tariff prices announced by Vodafone are generally the same as O2 and Orange.Vodafone is also allowing customers to use the iPhone as a modem for £5 for 500MB, £10 for 1.5GB or £15 for 3GB.

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