23% of Britons use the net to take a sneak peek at their Christmas presents

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unwanted gift.jpgA recent survey of 1,000 people conducted by web analytic specialists Webtrends has revealed that one-in-four of us will take a sneaky peek at what our partners have bought for us online this Christmas.

No present-shaking guessing games for us Brit’s then, just a quick trawl through our browser’s history pages.

If the present isn’t what we were hoping for, the research reveals that 16% of us happily receive the gift just to sell it on Ebay soon afterwards.

A further 37% of us purchase knocked-off second hand goods off the web and claim we pay top dollar for them too.

Amelia Wise a Chartered Psychologist and founder of Bloom Psychology comments, “Perhaps men want to know what’s been bought for them by their partner so they can make an informed decision about what they buy in return. The findings suggest that men are less confident in their judgement of what is an appropriate gift for their partner, be this in terms of the type or the cost, so in order to buy an appropriate gift they need to do this elicit ‘research’ to help them out.”

That said, all this research is a bit pointless really. We all know that the presents REALLY come from Santa Claus, don’t we? Right? Huh?…oh…

Gerald Lynch
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