Buy Modern Warfare 2 for £26 from Sainsbury's

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It’s not only the most hotly anticipated game of the year, it’s also one of the priciest. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a recommended retail price of £54.99. Sainsbury’s however have managed to undercut all the major competition, selling the game for just £26.

In an aim to make as many copies of the game available to the public as possible, Sainsbury’s will only be allowing one copy per customer. However, it’s not uncommon for retailers to run out of stock of games, and at a price like that, Sainsbury’s are in for quite a busy day.

You can pick up your copy of Modern Warfare 2 here (Xbox 360/ PS3). If there are any copies left that is.

Gerald Lynch
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  • this isnt £26 any more and is misleading when you are trying to find the cheapest price. it is about £44.99 now.

  • Got mine in Birmingham today and there were lots left behind the counter at 10am. Older women and men were in the queue buying them for their kids. Not a con!!

  • Got my £26 copy at Sainsbury’s in Witney this morning. There were about 50 of us queueing before the store opened but we all got copies. Now need today to go faster so I can go home and play it!

  • my wife went to Sainsbury’s at Prescot Road Liverpool to buy a copy and was there within a few minutes of opening, there were no other customers and guess what? it had already sold out, how? it’s a con!!!

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