LG jump the wall mount bandwagon with the DV4M and DV4S DVD players

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It’s not just Blu-ray players that get to look sleek and sexy as LG is proving with the launch of their two new DVD spinners, the LG DV4M and DV4S. Exactly what the differentiating M and S are supposed to denote is beyond me. The M probably refers to the former’s music playing bias but I’m not sure how the S relates to the other model being more video friendly. Answers on a post card.

Neither looks as swish as the Samsung BD-P4600 but then I don’t suppose LG is too fussed by that. There are no prices or dates as yet but there’s no chance that these offerings and the Samsung Blu-ray player are even going to be in the same price league. What we’ve got here is a way to make something verging on the obsolete a little bit more desirable.


The DV4M can convert CDs into MP3s on the fly and store them straight to whatever USB device you may have plugged in and the DV4S has HD upscaling technology as well as supporting all the codecs you can see scribbled onto the front of it.

Good to see tech companies looking to get more functionality out of the DVD player with every other household item being capable of the job too. Strap on a coffee machine and I might just buy one.

LG (via Akihabara News)

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