Nokia puts 96 limited early edition N96 handsets up for grabs

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nokia_n96_compo.jpgNokia has launched a brand new competition page that will see 96 lucky winners get their mitts on a N96 phone MULTIMEDIA COMPUTER that strongly resembles a mobile phone ahead of the crowd.

It’s not just any N96 either, it comes in a special decorated ash tree box with unique numbering on the inside cover. Unique numbering?! Incredible! And extremely handy for when you want to peddle it on eBay. By the looks of it, the handset is just an ordinary model after all.

All you have to do to win one of these MULTIMEDIA COMPUTERS, is go to this website. Nokia gets extra kudos brownies for having come up with an extremely cool website concept too. If you have a webcam, it’ll take a short video of you while you gawp at the screen (mine got a really nice close up of my thumb as I rescued it from beneath a pile of a paperwork) and show it to you on the phone handset. No idea why, but I don’t care!

Then it’ll talk you through all the features via the medium of a nimble young martial arts chick who prances from ancient Chinese rooftop to ancient Chinese bamboo forest slapping gongs and taking pictures of pandas. Very Crouching Tiger.

Speaking of pandas – the compo isn’t the only way to win an early release N96 MULTIMEDIA COMPUTER. You can also get yourself invited to sign €759 to the WWF charity in order to protect the endangered Red Panda. Do that at the required time and you’ll secure one of the 96 MULTIMEDIA COMPUTERS.

If you aren’t interested in saving those pandas, you can enter the normal competition. Note that it only unlocks once all the videos have been watched and you have succumbed to the full arsenal of Nokia marketing.

The N96 is one of the best potential iPhone killas on the horizon, and definitely worth a look if you don’t worship at the altar of Mac. It’s due out in August and features a 5 megapixel camera, 16GB internal memory, integrated GPS and 3G HSDPA. It may even call people, but don’t forget IT IS NOT A PHONE.

Compo page (via TechRadar)

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