Acer unveils phone roadmap for 2009


At what appeared to be just to be a closer look at the Acer Tempo range of smartphones we saw at MWC, the notebook giants revealed their mobile phone plans for world domination.

By Q3 2009, you can expect to see handsets such as the H2, L1, C1 and E1 sporting 5-megapixel cameras and all working on Windows Mobile 6.5. It will mean that by the end of the year, the company that sells 33 million computers worldwide will have over 10 mobile phones…

Unofficially official rumour points at June 9th for 3G iPhone (again)

I met a bloke down the pub last night who had absolutely no idea when the 3G iPhone would be officially unveiled. I know; in this day and age! Incredible really. Luckily everyone else on the planet knows exactly when it’s going to happen, just with varying degrees of authority on the issue.

Gizmodo claims to have the latest and most convincing source short of Steve Jobs himself: “someone very, very close to the launch”. Like everyone else they say June 9th, during the WWDC keynote. Glad that’s settled then…