Nokia: "Symbian is here to stay" despite Windows Phone 7 partnership

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symbian-thumb-size.jpgNokia may have put most of their eggs in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 basket, but they’ve not totally given up on the Symbian OS they’ve been working with for the last few years.

“Just because we’re changing our direction in terms of smartphone platform, it doesn’t mean that the existing platform is completely broken”, said Vlasta Berka, General Manager of Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

“We still have obligations to our users, developers, business partners, and customers. Symbian is here to stay. Symbian will still be around, but it’s just going to go somewhere around the corner.”

We can’t say we share Berka’s optimism, but it’ll be welcome news to the Symbain homebrew coders and developers who still cant get enough of the OS practically everyone else has given up on.

Nokia have previosuly stated that no more Symbian phones will be made, though they’d continue to update and support existing handsets using the platform.

Via: Techie Buzz

Gerald Lynch
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