Unofficially official rumour points at June 9th for 3G iPhone (again)


I met a bloke down the pub last night who had absolutely no idea when the 3G iPhone would be officially unveiled. I know; in this day and age! Incredible really. Luckily everyone else on the planet knows exactly when it’s going to happen, just with varying degrees of authority on the issue.

Gizmodo claims to have the latest and most convincing source short of Steve Jobs himself: “someone very, very close to the launch”. Like everyone else they say June 9th, during the WWDC keynote. Glad that’s settled then.

Actually there are some other details as well: Europe (Spain specifically) will be starting their 3G iPhone sales on or around June 18th. Another source claims that the iPhone will no longer be available at a fixed price point and will introduce new sales policies. While that doesn’t exactly promise a chance to escape the clutches of O2, it may at least mean a lower price on contract.

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