VistaPerfection – Windows Vista for your iPhone


Vistaperfection.jpgIt’s not just Nokia S60 users that can appreciate Windows Vista on their mobile phones. Now, schizophrenic iPhone users can supplant their Apple OS with Microsoft’s new pin-up in the form of VistaPerfection 2.0.

You’ll need to install the SpringBoard extender application, SummerBoard, requiring a jail-broken iPhone, which all self-respecting users should have anyway, and then you can get downloading.

I’m staying well out of the OS X vs Vista debate seeing as I use neither on a regular basis. Both seem equally pretty, even if the Vista look is an Apple rip-off. It’s all a case of whether you’re a Gate-ist or a Jobite, but if you’re really so keen as to put Windows on your iPhone, why not just use an HTC Diamond?

VistaPerfection 2.0 (via Uber Review)

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Daniel Sung
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  • What a lovely(!) idea! So, after our ultra fast notebooks which have been unfortunately delivered with Vista instead of XP (which turns them into idiot ultra slow Vista turtles), we will also be able to make the phones ultra slow. This makes the phone service providers lose money. Think that you are dialing a number but the idiot phone is able to dial it in 10 minutes.

  • Has to be done: Does it also turn your iPhone into chugging, dawdling brick that takes ten mins to load a picture and spends its entire first six months of life dicking about in the hard drive?

  • Come now, in all honesty creating something visually appealing isn’t ripping off Apple now is it?

    They’ve not yet patented ‘sexyware’ to my knowledge anyway.


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