Nokia launch "mobile TV channel" with original programming. Viewing figures expected to skyrocket to double digits.

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nokia-n96-phone.jpgNokia today announced that it is starting a new “mobile TV channel” called “Capsule N96” as a ruse to hawk the new N96 to consumers. Nokia have been playing up the N96 as a device for audio and video, no doubt to make up for the ground lost to Apple on the “expensive phones” front.

The phone itself is basically an N95 with all of the bugs ironed out – gone is the loose two way slider that makes phone calls from your pocket, gone is the pencil key (used for copy and paste) that no one ever used – instead Nokia have opted to take the visual cues from the N81 – in other words, they’ve blacked it up (not like a minstrel), and given it an unusual slidy touchpad for navigation.

The mobile TV channel will apparently offer 96-second “TV shows” to N96 users offering the sort of programming that would appeal to the sort of young, aspirational professionals that Nokia want to use their new phone. In other words, you’ll be able to download 96 second clips on motoring, fashion, comedy, culture, homes, and most interestingly to us lot, a show called Byte-wise presented by David Phelan (who fails the “famous enough for Wikipedia?” test) about gadgets. I’m sure it’ll have objective gadget reviews of non-Nokia products.

Other programmes include “Pulse”, presented by Wayne Hemmingway (you remember, the bald fashion critic from the Big Breakfast about ten years ago), about culture and galleries and arty stuff, “Cabin Fever” about cars presented by Fifth Gear’s Jonny Smith, and “Funnyhaha”, a comedy programme, presented by Jonny Woo.

Expect a quiet announcement about Nokia closing this “TV channel” in six months time after it realises that there’s no way in hell they can make money from this.

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