Samsung M75500 "Night Effect"

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samsung-night-effect.jpgNormally designer phones are flashy but underspecced. They look good, but have very little inside – much like many human models, I suppose. These new models from Samsung with Emporio Armani branding, announced on Sunday, don’t buck the trend, I’m afraid to say.

They’ve only got a 3.2 megapixel cameras and 120MB of internal memory, but they are rocking a AMOLED display (like OLED, but “active matrix” – meaning that it has a TFT backplane for enhanced resolution) and a HSDPA data connection.

Oh, and did I mention they look incredible? Check out the video after the jump for why they’re subtitling these “Night Effect”.

See? Awesome. These phones will be available around November, and they’ll cost you 300 Euros or so, probably depending on a contract.

Emporio Armani (via SlashPhone)

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