Nokia E Series will only appeal to boring business folk

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iphone_boring_man.jpgPerhaps it’s unfortunate for Nokia that there are so many decent mobile handsets being announced at the moment, but their E-Series enterprise handsets sound distinctly boring.

The £66 and £71 models are expected to launch in Europe in the third quarter, featuring GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera, and 128MB of memory. Booooring.

Even I know that the iPhone 3G is not the answer to everything, but Apple is now pushing much more aggressively into the corporate sector, with pretty decent pricing available on O2’s business plans, Exchange support, and more secure custom applications.

iPhone no good for business? There are many more exciting handsets available, and I can’t help feeling (even with the limited feature set announced) that only the most boring businesses and their employees would want to be seen with a Nokia E-Series.

True, not everyone needs a smartphone, but Nokia could have tried a little harder to impress.

Much more impressive is the Nokia N96, also expected to launch in the third quarter, though it’s going to be very interesting to see how it’s priced to compete with the likes of the iPhone 3G, BlackBerry’s consumer offerings, the HTC Touch Diamond, and other advanced handsets arriving from the summer onwards.

(Via Reuters)

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