Recycled motorbikes to Giger Alien furniture

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Recycling old car and motorbike parts to make furniture is one thing but trying to eat soup while an Alien is staring up at you is another altogether.

H.R.Giger’s creation and Ripley’s nemesis aren’t usually known for their servile attitudes but somehow the bods at Yes I Can have convinced the concentrated HCL-filled killing machines to do some work for the benefit of mankind by carrying large pieces of glass and allowing us to sit in their laps.

Now tell me, how many of you could sit comfortable in an Alien chair without imagining it ripping out of your chest, or hold a conversation at a Facehugger table without keeping half an eye on where the tricky little bugger’s going to fly next?


A boring old stool will cost you £67, the top notch table’s are £2,400 but there is a remarkably good crouched Alien glass topper on sale for £595 at a 30% discount. Alien fans, don’t miss out.

Yes I can (via Like Cool)

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