MWC 2008: Nokia N96 versus Nokia N95

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With Nokia finally announcing the N96, it’s time to take a look at what new features they’ve added since the N95. (Video preview of the Nokia N96)


Boring but necessary are dimensions. The N96 isn’t going to take up much more room in your pocket than the N95 — it’s marginally bigger and slightly heavier, but we’ll forgive that for the extra features.



You get a very slightly larger display on the N96, 2.8 inches versus 2.6″ on the N95, but it’s still a QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) 16 million colour-capable LCD TFT.

Video and Imaging

The N96’s “video centre” allows access to Internet videos and can play back a wide variety of standard file formats, including Flash.

Shooting videos is still at VGA (640×480) 30fps, just as the N95, and the camera is still a five megapixel with Carl-Zeiss lens and built-in flash.

The N96 now gives access to Live TV, where DVB-H broadcasts are available.



The Nokia N96 still supports the wide range of audio formats of the N95, and can now display album art. Unsurprisingly, it also offers direct to the Nokia Music Store, and FM radio is still available.



As the N95, the N96 has a built-in GPS receiver and comes with the Nokia Maps application. Nokia are touting the assisted GPS feature as one of the major pluses of the N96 handset.

It still features the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map, and also has an RSS reader for catching up with website content feeds.

The other range of connectivity, including Wi-Fi and USB 2, remain pretty much the same on both models.


The N96 comes with a very decent 16GB of storage memory plus a hot swappable microSD memory card slot, compared to the N95’s 4GB memory card slot, so plenty more room for multimedia.

Worth it?

Simply comparing specifications on virtual paper surely won’t do Nokia’s N96 justice. The handset certainly looks the business, and there are some obvious improvements hiding amongst the acronyms and numbers.

The real truth, though, is in using one, Here’s Ashley’s video preview of the Nokia N96.



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  • n96= crap only 264MHZ cpu and NO 3D HW acceleration
    n95= 😀 332 MHZ cpu + 3D hw graphic acceleration, lighter and better compatibiliy with apps. s60v3 9.2 faster

  • n96= crap only 264MHZ cpu and NO 3D HW accelerationn95= 😀 332 MHZ cpu + 3D hw graphic acceleration, lighter and better compatibiliy with apps. s60v3 9.2 faster

  • Finally it should be just style watches you can surely rely on their preciseness.

  • N95 8G is better than the N96, i had both. Not shure about the N97, i consider that a different story, a whole different concept. The N95 8G and the N96 16G is mostly the same, and there is only one thing in witch the n96 wins without a doubt, and that is the 16gigs of memory compared to the 8gigs of the n95. Almost all the other specs are better or equal between the 2 phones, but for a few examples, the n95 has a faster processor (ARM 11) with hardware acceleration, the n96 has a slower and older processor (ARM 9) without hardware acceleration, n95 has infra port (wich is stil useful for a lot of stuff), the n96 lacks that, the n96 has a much worse battery time than the beefed up n95 8G. Personally i also like the n95 design more than the n96, its more usable, and also more manly looking 😀 Now i have an n96, its not bad, its full of features (only a few new compared to the n95), its durable, awesome for all around media, has a slightly bigger display, but if i could do it again, i would stick to the N95 8G. I just love it, and all in all, i think its a much better phone.

  • Nokia always has made nice phones. And this one is very nice. I thinks that I will buy it for my little sister birthday.

  • Nokia always has made nice phones. And this one is very nice. I thinks that I will buy it for my little sister birthday.

  • This handset is amazing and anyone that says otherwise have their expectations too high. The Nokia N95 is a smartphone produced by Nokia as part of their Nseries line of portable devices. The product have 5 megapixel digital camera and 8 GB internal storage with larger screen. The N95 is also capable of playing video in 3GP, MPEG4, RealVideo and in newer firmware, Flash Video formats.

  • Thanks for sharing. His music will continue to rock!
    I think you need a bit more of a story with this as this isn’t really a news story in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much
    It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

  • Nokia N96 is very good
    Superb quality in design, and interface
    Feautures are great, pretty simalair to the N95 but the N95 is now old, and the design is way to big and a bit ugly unlike the N96
    The N96 crys out for looks while the N95 is just ordinary and large.
    LOVE the N96 kickstand which the N95 does not have, superb to watch movies with kick stand.
    Higher quality tv broadcasting, which the N95 Does NOT have live TV.
    Overall heres my ratings:

    N95: 7/10
    N95 8GB Internet Ed.:7.5/10
    N96: 9.5/10

    n96 all the way!

  • apurv you are talking absolute crap. i’ve recently upgraded from n95 8gb to a n96. the n96 is slower by a country mile with or without filling the 16gb memory. its buggy as hell, always crashes and basically has sod all improved features to the n95 8gb. (i cant beleive you think n96 is faster)!!!
    as for the samsung innov8, have you actual used one?!!
    same old poor arse os with useless windows mobile shoved in there. camera blurry as hell.
    the n96 is a good phone and im not going to replace it. im sure a few firmware updates will sort the laggyness out, but i do wish i’d have just stuck with my n95 8gb for now and wait for a true upgrade. 18 months is a long time with a phone with no clear improvements to my last one. i also think the n95 was better looking, or a least it was different and stood out from the crowd!!

  • I must say the n96 is a gr8 phone. Nokia have taken a n95 and an n81 and mixed them 2 make the n96. The n95 is an ok phone but the n95 8gb version is better. I currantly have an n81 8gb and i love it. When i heard about the n96 i fort dam. I go 2 get me 1 of those so i am getin 1. I wud recomended it 2 anyone.

  • I must say the n96 is a gr8 phone. Nokia have taken a n95 and an n81 and mixed them 2 make the n96. The n95 is an ok phone but the n95 8gb version is better. I currantly have an n81 8gb and i love it. When i heard about the n96 i fort dam. I go 2 get me 1 of those so i am getin 1. I wud recomended it 2 anyone.

  • The n95 is very awesome and i haue 1 here that is satisfying me with everything but what i want to ask is that can i change with additiom with some money the n95 to collect n96.Awesome nokia i realy enjoy you pls reply 2 [email protected]

  • I have the nokia N96 and i really like it so does my mate who has the n95 8gig. He was only pissed cus he had the n95 just before the n96 was realised think that could be the problem with many on here. Yes ITS BETTER and it plays films brilliantly. BUT….. i think the firmware is slow and sloppy and it crashes alot battery life is rubbish to but nokia do give you a car charger with it. Also the original case for it is a crap design makes it very bulky and sometimes hard to answer the phone and hold to your ear. Even my car cradle is useless with it on. I dont like nokia maps either so i use garmin xt works well ith built in gps and a better program all in all. The headphones that come with it are quiet as well get yourself some better ones you wont be disapointed. I used to have pda’s but latley smartphones are improving that much there is no need for me to have a pda anymore apart from windows ce being much better than nokia’s firmware. but its nearly the same as the n95 anyway so that must be rubbish to. i think all in all get some better software on and it will be sorted and i wont get angree about it i mean it is a £500 phone

  • Hi, i dont know which phone to get, wether it be the n95 or n96. I am leaning against gettin a n95 but could someone plztell me if im goin for the right choice??
    GET BACK 2 ME ON [email protected]

  • I want to buy a N96 but the confusing comments on it comparing with N95 make me confuse whether N96 is better than N95. Please, Nokia Authority, make us clear the differences between N96 and N95.

  • Hav u ever heard the story of the fox trying to eat the grapes bcuz they were too high 4 him. These guys here are the same old fox. They cannot afford the revolutionary n96 and so tell us their fake stories of owning a n95 or n95 8gb and and compare them 2 the n96. I own a n96 and hav filled over 13gb of its space with music, movies & ngage games but it still runs as fast as a newly bought n95 8gb. Then they talk about the design. What do they know about design. It looks similar 2 the n81 but if looked closely, the keypad is much smoothened out. Its price is surely a little high but im sure that the prices will surely go down after a few months. As for now there is no competion to the n96 except for samsung’s innov8.

  • What is the market price of Nokia (N96).
    What are the features and the Specifications of this model in details.

  • Hi ! I’m 14 year old (from Romania). I have an original n95 8 giga and I love it.It’s very cool !

  • it’s very beatiful mobile like a king TAJ. but it’s price is very high which can’t aford.

  • Well the specs are out and here is what I think….

    Smaller is better . (N95)

    3D GL Graphics Accelerator better (N95)

    OMAP better than Nomadik (N95)

    OLED in direct sun light (N95)

    Yes I know a stand and non usable Digi TV lol…

    I stick to N95 – N96 is not the evolution here.

  • i have a N95-1 8GB also a watch the difernce between N95.2 8GB and N96 on official website of nokia and you see that the N95 is better.

  • I own a N958GB, and I must say it’s the best cellphone i’ve ever had.
    I bet everyone else said that as well, because it is a great handset.
    The N96 does sound like a glorified N95 8GB but in my opinion those little additions they put in like the flip stand, the new design and that new keypad (I didn’t really like N95 8GB’s keypad, it’s not that comfy), are worth paying $50 (if it’s $50) for those additions and that 16GB drive.
    Also, Nokia wouldnt just release a phone only 2% better than the predecessor, how the hell would they make money like that? So they must’ve fixed major bugs that were in the 8GB. I guess that processor thing must’ve been fixed, like the phone will now go up to 600MHz and have a dual core processor.
    As I used the 8GB I’ve come to notice that the phone runs quite slow. So if they’d improve the processor that would just be awesome.


  • i have a nokia N95-8GB look i agree with many of the topics here that the N96 is a Glorified N95 with N81 looks but still have to admit its a hundred times better than the iphone 3G thats just pathetic sorry to say good job on the operating system but the features on the iphone is just bland so to be honest i would trade my n95 for the n96 i dont know why its design is just appealing to me i think the phones design is just created for ppl who want something different that tired of all the sophisticated looks iv had n95 iv iv had htc’s apple iphones nd to be truthful im sick of the sophisticated look thats whats great bout the N96 is that its young like the N81 and sophisticated like the n95 so u basically get the best of both worlds if u want a nokia with a touch screen go get yourself a nokia tube 5800

    peace out

  • i dont understand the hatred towards the N96.
    it seems like a good enough phone to me.
    yeah its not very attractive but the features are awesome.
    im gettin this phone on a 18 month contract next week.
    cant wait

  • It seems that experts forgot to comment a very important topic: the inside processor. While many hand phone devices hit 640 mz It seems that nokia keeps the 300 (400 mz?). When N95 was announced they said that it had 2 processors (one for video). Does someone knows if it is the same on N96?
    Mario Approbato

  • Nokia n96,such a cool phone.but i wonder what will be the price at other country?

  • Okay i have gone soft now yes it is awsome and still is the best converged device in the world.

    Would i trade my N95-1 Yes & my granny too.

    Keep up the good work Nokia….:)

  • It’s a N95 in Apple iPhone clobber, glad they kept away from the touch screen I hate smudge’s on my tft dont you…….?????

    A teenage skateboard kid said my N95 was a brick the other day so if I had a N96 handy then I could have clobbered him with it as boy it’s big.

    I had a MOTO A1000 in 2005 with touch screen and don’t miss the thing..

    Not worth the upgrade – Unless you like telly!

    So what should it have….

    Wish List
    0. Qwerty keyboard
    1. USB.
    2. Branded wireless mouse.
    3. HDMI.
    4. Branded wireless keyboard.
    5. Full IE7 browser compat.
    6. 1080 playback
    7. Word processing through online word.
    (Not impossible don’t you agree).

    Then it may be what a computer has become and also then a lot of people would take them on as a laptop replacement.

    I understand what Nokia is doing trying to keep it’s punters away from crap iphones with a look a like thingy, But just the same N96 is as about as memorable as fish and chips on a rainy day in Grimsby.

    If the nokster marketing brains could give their gizmo a different memorable name like Nokia icell or inok then beat teenagers to death with TV & Internet adverts they may attract some of those dozy consumer lobotomy lemmings that are all buying iphones then fall of a cliff as they fail to see past the finger prints on the map they are reading or not receiving the MMS to say stop stop now

  • I think that nokia N96 looks just like N81!!!from my point of view I think nokia N95 is the best (so far so good)!!!the spesifications of N95 are awesome!!!

  • I definately agree that the Nokia N96 is a huge disappointment. I have a Nokia N95 myself with a 2 gig memory card and it’s plenty of memory for me.
    the N95 is a pretty bulky and big phone and the N96 is even BIGGER. so that is a huge downsider.

  • Yeah, I totally agreed with most people’s view on the n96, I am definitly getting the n95 8gb, my personal opinion on it is that in design and capabilities, the n95 8gb is at its peak. The n96 mite hv 16gb and sdslot but then its design is quite similar to the other nokia phones, which really downgrading its value. If I were to get the n96, some ppl who might not know a thing about cellphones and they mite look at mine as a typical cheap nokia phone due to its similar design from the other ones. But if i chose the n95 8gb, they would think otherwise, if you are a geeky person and you just need that extra 16gb and the sdslot, then i suggest you to get the n96, but if you’re one of those who bought an ipod with 20gb space and only used not even half of its memory, then you should get the n95 8gb like me.

  • I am disappointed, the n96 is supposed to be a “multimedia computer”. It doesn’t have any of that standard ports a computer has, you can’t plug in a usb flash drive. The only good thing about it is the extra on board memory, I’m guessing this will mean you can copy large files across (like movies) via the usb cable, instead of copying direct to the microSD card.
    I’d really like to connect my phone to a full size ergonomic keyboard.

  • This doesn’t make sense. Forget N96 8 GB. Compared to the excellent N82, you just gain 16 GB storage, a more or less useless TV reception capability, a lot of weight and a marginally bigger screen (2.8 inches vs 2.4), and same resolution which means lower pitch.

    Not to mention, it looks just like a bloated N81 (a next to useless addition to NSeries in my opinion), while N82 doesnt look like anything else!

  • urrhmmm….

    “compared to the N95’s 4GB memory card slot”

    I have an N95 here with an 8GB micro sd card, so think thats an incorrect statement…

    Was hoping for much more from Nokia, guess the N95 raised the bar so high its a hard act to follow….


  • The newer N95 8GB has the same larger 2.8″ screen that the new N96 has, but one thing I do like it the little flip stand on the back of the N96.

  • I’m not impressed , not much improvement as compared to N958gb ( same screen and features) only improvements are 16gb and DVB-H TV ( not available in Pakistan ) I’ll hold on to my N958gb till a mature version of touch screens are out

  • The features are somewhat better than the Nokia N95 but the design lags some basic features such as comfortable keypad design. I think Nokia should have taken its time to launch the N96 and rather than the old school keypad, should have concentrated on a new age of touchscreen.

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