Obituary: The iPod Touch is dead, thanks to the 3G iPhone's £100 pricing


Someone was killed during Steve Jobs’s keynotes speech at the WWDC event today. Anyone remember the iPod Touch? He was the little fellow who looked just like an iPhone, but was available in an 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage choice.

You could do almost everything on an iPod Touch that you could do on an iPhone, apart from that one important factor – that it lacked phone capabilities. Still, it was cheaper, with the 8GB option coming in at £199, whereas the 8GB iPhone was originally £269 before Apple chopped £100 off the price, less than two months ago.

Now however, who’d want an iPod Touch, considering Steve Jobs tonight said 8GB iPhones would cost $199, or £100 up front? Sure, there’s still the £30 or so that you have to pay each month for the contract, but most people pay that much for their mobile phone contracts anyway…

MWC 2008: Hands on with the Readius rollable e-ink phone


It was at last year’s 3GSM show in Barcelona that we first clapped eyes on Polymer Vision’s Readius e-book display. The show’s name may have changed to Mobile World Congress, but Polymer Vision was still there this year, showing the latest version of the device, which is now a fully-fledged mobile phone, as we recently reported.

MWC 2008: LG handsets round-up

Whilst not teeming with various new handsets like Samsung, LG at least focused on quality, with their four handsets all being innovative and desirable. Samsung and Motorola, pay attention.

KF510 – touch-sensitive buttons, with an MP3 player, 3.0-megapixel camera, image stabilisation, LED flash and red-eye reduction it can also record QVGA video. Out mid-March. See details here

MWC 2008: Samsung handsets round-up

Samsung had the longest line-up of all the manufacturers, with 12 models displayed at the Mobile World Congress show. It’s enough to give anyone Samsung fatigue!

Here’s a recap on all the new handsets…

U900 Soul – 5.0-megapixel camera, 4x zoom, image stabilisation, HSDPA, mobile blogging, RSS feeds, music library, and microSD slot. Out March, for €400. See details here and video here

MWC 2008: Nokia handsets round-up

We’ve taken a look at Sony Ericsson’s showing for MWC this year, but what of Nokia? Let’s look below at the four handsets announced…

N78 – dubbed Nokia’s ‘multimedia’ phone, not only does it have a 3.2-megapixel camera, Nokia Maps and A-GPS, it also enables you to geo-tag your photos. Out mid-2008, for €350. See details here and video here….

MWC 2008: Sony Ericsson handsets round-up

img alt=”sony-ericsson-MWC-one.jpg” src=”” width=”336″ height=”159″ />
The Mobile World Congress show has ended for another year, Stuart, Ashley and Susi are on flights home as we speak, and so it’s now time to look at all the major manufacturers’ new models.

Sony Ericsson announced the arrival of seven new handsets for the masses this week, the Xperia X1, G700, G900, C702, C902, Z770 and W980i phones. Here’s the CliffsNotes for each handset, from the left to right –

Z770 – HSDPA, push email, Google Maps, RSS reader, 2-megapixel camera, media player, can be used as modem via USB. Out mid-2008. See details here….

MWC 2008: Taptu wins all-important award at MWC, continues to aid in mobile search

We’ve been getting excited about Taptu for months now, so it’s fantastic to see they won the Global Community Award at the MoMo Peer Awards last night at the Mobile World Congress, rewarding our confidence in this small English start-up to no end.

No doubt you’ve forgotten exactly what they’re made of, and how exactly they can revolutionise the way you use your mobile phone. Taptu is a search engine for your mobile, allowing you to gain content categorised into the various forms it exists – video, image, song, wiki, etc, then after you’ve discovered the perfect page deconstructing Morrissey’s lyrics, you…