WORLD EXCLUSIVE: First picture of the LG MusicStation Max music phone

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Remember the big news yesterday about LG’s MusicStation Max handset, which they’re working on with Omnifone? You know, the one that you buy, sign up to a monthly contract, and then get unlimited music downloads for the duration of your contract? Pretty cool, eh?

Omnifone has the handset at Mobile World Congress, and you can play with it, but they’re not letting anyone photograph it. It’s to build mystique, apparently. When I interviewed Omnifone’s Rob Lewis, these were his exact words: “You can describe it. You can draw it…”

So I did. See above. It really is that minimalist, too. Check over the jump for another WORLD EXCLUSIVE picture of the handset, from my own fair hand.


You saw it here first, folks. And to prove this is kosher, here’s a shot of me drawing it, taken by Omnifone. They’ve even blurred out the actual handset, to maintain the mystique:


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Stuart Dredge
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  • The last commenter sounds like a disgruntled iPhone customer, who was fooled by the look of this pretty device and then finds out it costs an arm and a leg to download music, the quality is poor, it’s not 3G and very slow, and it’s pointless carrying a spare battery around as you cannot replace it yourself. That’s why Omnifone won the top award at the big Barcelona Congress and was described by Charles Arthur in the Guardian newspaper as “…. I can see just how fantastic the real MusicStation service is by comparison.” It looks like it’s the same MusicStation that LG are going to offer.

  • Oh dear Andy.

    “”Sorry LG, your pretentiousness has lost you any chance of my custom… smoke and mirrors. Pathetic.”

    If you want to be treated like an adult… you stop throwing your toys out of your pram. I’d have a little lie down if I were you.

    Personally I like a little bit of mystique… it keeps everyone on their toes.

    Unlimited Music on my mobile fan.

  • Great job Stu.

    Trouble is, as soon as some company tries to do “mystique” like this, it immediately makes me _not_ want to buy it.

    Sorry LG, your pretentiousness has lost you any chance of my custom.

    You know, LG, there are plenty of other manufacturers out there. You’d think treating us like adults might be the order of the day in the cut-throat mobile industry — but no, smoke and mirrors. Pathetic.

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