Vodafone goes live with MusicStation mobile music service


We knew it was coming, but this morning Vodafone went live with MusicStation, the £1.99-a-week music subscription service from Omnifone. They even persuaded Girls Aloud to totter along to the launch and grab the first downloads through the service.

It’s launching with 1.2 million tracks available, as well as live charts, personalised music news, and social networking features letting users sign up friends and share their playlists.

Vodafone signs up MusicStation mobile music service to battle iTunes / Nokia Music Store

omnifone-musicstation-vodafone.jpgIt’s safe to assume Vodafone HASN’T got the iPhone, then. The company has announced an exclusive deal with Omnifone to launch the latter’s MusicStation subscription service in the UK for Christmas.

It’ll cost £1.99 a week for unlimited music downloads, with the MusicStation application being preloaded on new Vodafone handsets, but also working with existing phones too (presumably you’ll be able to download the application from Vodafone’s Live portal).