Toshiba cuts HD DVD sales targets

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hddvd-logo.jpgSomeone, somewhere knows which out of HD DVD and Blu-ray is most likely to win the HD format war. But there’s so much bluster and hype around the area, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re both winning. By a country mile.

So, on the one hand, the HD DVD Promotional Group says that its format accounts for 60% of the market in the US, thanks to recent price cuts from Toshiba. Yet on the other hand, Toshiba has just announced that it expects to sell one million HD DVD players this year, rather than the 1.8 million it had predicted.

A contradiction? Probably not. Maybe HD DVD does have the edge in the US, but Toshiba’s decision to cut its sales targets implies that both formats may be underperforming.

And if so, it’s surely because consumers are holding onto their cash until the consumer electronics industry stops its willy-waving, and finds a way to reassure punters that their new expensive HD player won’t turn out to be a 21st century Betamax.

(via HDTV UK)

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