Toshiba unveils first HD DVD re-writable drive for notebooks

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Still undecided which way to jump when it comes to high-def? Toshiba is hoping to tempt you further to its side with the launch of the first slim re-writable HD DVD drive for notebook PCs – the SD-L912A.

Toshiba is pitching the drive as the perfect back-up tool, with discs available with 15GB and 30GB capacities, which should more than cover your basics. If not, triple layer 51GB discs should be around later this year. And it’s a replacement for your existing drive, offering read and write functionality for just about all CD and DVD formats.

“Our new drive delivers the perfect combination of high capacity storage, outstanding audio and visual playback and the complete flexibility of the re-writable format,” said Martin Larsson, General Manager, Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division. “Notebook users will soon be able to enjoy a truly rich and compelling high-definition video playback experience.”

Toshiba will be showing off the drive at various trade fairs, with retail for the drive and notebooks incorporating the drive expected in the coming months.

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