Toshiba unveils its in-car HD DVD player

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toshiba-incar-hddvdplayer.jpgToshiba has got together with Alpine Electronics to develop an HD DVD player for use in cars. It was shown off at last week’s Automotive Engineering Expo 2007, and should become a commercial product in 2008.

But hang on a minute. Surely to make best use of an in-car HD DVD player, you need in-car HD displays too? And given that most systems like this end up with the screens mounted on the back of seat headrests, will viewers really get the benefit of the beefed-up resolution?

Well, I guess it’s more about letting people play the collection of HD DVD discs they’ve accumulated in their home, while driving. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what displays ship alongside Toshiba/Alpine’s player when it does come out next year.

(via Tech-On)

Stuart Dredge
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