Warner offering to swap your HD-DVDs for Blu-rays


Aware that the Blu-ray market still hasn’t really taken off, Warner Bros are getting a little desperate, and they’re waving an olive branch of peace at people who bought HD-DVDs. They’re going to let people mail the original box art for any HD-DVDs that they bought and swap them for the same title on Blu-ray.

It’s not quite free, they’re charging $4.95 per disc for the service, plus $6.95 shipping, but it’s still much cheaper than buying all the new discs yourself. It might even be worth scanning the local bargain bins for the old HD-DVDs to send off, then flog the replacements you get sent. You won’t be able to make a mint, though. It’s limited to 25 swaps per household.

(via Den of Geek and @stuart_coles)

Blu-ray Xbox 360 rumour rises again – internet says "yes," Microsoft says "no"


The old, very old, boring and no doubt entirely untrue “Blu-ray Xbox 360” rumour surfaced over the weekend – and has already been SHOT DOWN by Microsoft. Again. We are stuck in a time loop where every week we write this very same news.

Gadgety blog TechCrunch started it all by running a news piece – or some might say HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE LIE – stating that Microsoft is planning to announce a Blu-ray Xbox 360 tonight. As in, today. This evening. June 9, 2008…

Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumour WILL NOT DIE – Taiwanese company making Blu-ray drives for MS, apparently


Taiwanese news source Digi Times is 100% sure Microsoft’s in the final stages of readying a Blu-ray version of Xbox 360, with local manufacturer Lite-On apparently ready to hit the big red button and start its machines pumping out Blu-ray drives for Microsoft.

Digi Times also went off on a wild speculation rampage, saying that MS would clearly have to sell any possible Blu-ray-packing Xbox 360 at a loss…

Survey: HD DVD is dead, but did anyone tell the online retailers?

With the HD DVD Promotional Group dissolving, Toshiba abandoning ship, and precious few studios releasing anything on the format any more, you’d have to be totally uninformed and just a little bit stupid to buy an HD DVD player thinking that it was the future.

Enter two fairly benign entities — online retailers and the Great British consumer — which when mixed can be deadly (or at least, good for making expensive mistakes)

Still, surely we can rely on our helpful, informative, reliable, up-to-date online retailers to ensure that visitors to their web site don’t make a stupid purchase they’ll regret as soon as it leaves its cardboard and polystyrene womb?

You’d think…

Here’s a roundup of some key (and not so key) Internet stores, and their current attitude towards HD DVD…

How much does it cost to lose a format war? One billion dollars (cue maniacal chuckles)


Now that the dramatic climax to the HD format war is past, Toshiba is starting to pick up the pieces. Naturally, it’s expected to post some big losses after HD DVD’s failed campaign against Blu-ray and the Nikkei Business Daily reckons it can put a figure on just how much it all comes too. Even more conveniently, it rounds out to make a good headline too, to the tune of $1 billion – or 500 million quid if you prefer.