Blu-ray Xbox 360 rumour rises again – internet says "yes," Microsoft says "no"

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blu-ray-xbox-360-announcement-tonight-probably-not.jpgThe old, very old, boring and no doubt entirely untrue “Blu-ray Xbox 360” rumour surfaced over the weekend – and has already been SHOT DOWN by Microsoft. Again. We are stuck in a time loop where every week we write this very same news.

Gadgety blog TechCrunch started it all by running a news piece – or some might say HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE LIE – stating that Microsoft is planning to announce a Blu-ray Xbox 360 tonight. As in, today. This evening. June 9, 2008.

Microsoft has already denied having anything to do with Blu-ray, with boss dude Robbie Bach speaking to some American paper over the weekend and answering the following question about the next generation of Xbox:

AMERICAN PAPER: So no plans for Blu-ray in the next generation Xbox?

ROBBIE FROM MICROSOFT: No. There is nothing to even talk about right now with regard to the next generation. That is so far out that there isn’t anything to talk about.

Robbie also generally dissed Blu-ray, using the phrase “I am not going to pay extra for that” when comparing Blu-ray to DVD. A Blu-ray Xbox 360 is not going to happen, no matter how much you wish…

The original TechCruch news piece is based on an anonymous email the site received. It shouldn’t really have run the story without, say, checking it out a bit first. But anyway. It’s no doubt loving all the extra traffic, which in internet terms, is “TEH WIN.” We can only hope it’s as happy tomorrow, when everyone’s laughing at it for printing a reader’s lie as news.

So. It is just possible that MS may just reveal a Blu-ray Xbox 360 tonight, but it’s going to look pretty stupid if it does after making such a fuss with all the denials and promises about online delivery systems being the future instead of rubbish old discs. Chances of it happening? Around 33-1. I’m taking cash all day.

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