Designer Sky+ HD Boxes to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public


These are some of the delightful new Sky+ boxes that Sky is unleashing onto the world in three days’ time. Four designers have jazzed up the traditional box, Henry Holland, PPQ, Erdem and Julie Verhoeven.

Personally speaking, I think the green one, from Erdem, floats my boat. I’m sure, however, that my girlfriend would be quite partial to the black and white cat design from PPQ. They come with matching remotes, and will cost £75-£100. Credit crunch or not, it’s important that your Sky+ box matches your living room, right?

Sky+ HD Designer Box collection 2008

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Duncan Geere
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  • They are either too childish or too gay. I hope they have produced some normal ones too.

  • The green one is definitely the most good looking one. Frankly speaking the the black and white striped one with the cat freaks me out.

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