Sky to offer truly limitless Broadband


sky-logo.jpgSky has confirmed on the Digital Spy message boards that it has dropped the Fair Usage Policy from its top-tier broadband package. Most ‘Unlimited’ broadband packages actually have a “fair use” limitation, which means that if you end up using extreme amounts of data, they reserve the right to cut you off.

Sky has announced that with immediate effect, its ‘Unlimited’ package will have no limits. It sounds weird saying that. I’ll let a ‘spokesperson’ explain:

“One of the things you’ve told us is that you want “unlimited” broadband to be exactly that – truly unlimited. You’ve questioned why broadband products offering unlimited usage, such as Sky Broadband Max, adopt a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). We’ve taken your comments on board and this month we’ve removed the FUP from our Sky Broadband Max terms and conditions.”

“What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a Sky Broadband Max customer it means you’re free to download as much as you want, whenever you want. We think this makes us the first major broadband provider to offer a truly unlimited package.”

They’re also pledging not to use traffic-shaping tools at any time on any of their Base, Mid or Max packages. These tools prioritise different types of data – slowing Bittorrent speeds to a crawl while keeping HTML and email traffic speedy. Sky says that the quality of their network allows them to do this. Sky Connect customers, however, aren’t directly attached to this network, so Sky are “unable to extend this promise to them”.

I’d like to applaud Sky for this move. Clap clap clap clap clap. If you can’t deliver truly unlimited broadband, then don’t promise it. Sky can deliver it, so it is. Good work guys. If I hadn’t just signed up for a year of O2 broadband, I’d go for you.

Digital Spy Forums (via Digital Spy)

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