Sky launches online TV guide – how to claw another inch of the market

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Thumbnail image for sky_logo.pngThere’s no way in the world that the new Online Sky Guide is going to either a) win the satellite giants any more customers or b) stop anyone leaving them but it’s always good to be making people’s lives just that little bit easier.

The concept of Sky+ was a revelation for coach potatoes everywhere and then everyone started doing it, and each of these new incarnation hard disk recorders began to do it a little bit better.

Now, with the launch of this new electronic programming service, Sky have gone ahead again by offering their customers an improved-searching, interactive click and drag-style way to look at over 600 channels up to seven days in advance.

The best part, and where all the Sky+ talk comes in, is that you can set your box to record from any online remote location, be that at someone else’s computer or whatever sexy handheld browser you’ve got in your pocket.

So, it’s not so much that you’ll never miss anything again as you’ll never miss anything again even when you didn’t know it was on in the first place.

Online Sky Guide

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