Sony and Sky team up to launch GO! VIEW telly service for PSP (soon)

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psp-sky-go-view-uk-launch.jpg Launching “this summer,” Sony and Sky’s GO! VIEW is an exceedingly clever way of shovelling TV shows onto your PSP for watching at your leisure.

Sky provides the telly, while Sony gives PSP owners a way to create a TV schedule on their PSPs. The whole thing is then packed up on a PC and transferred off to your PSP via your standard USB connector.

There are two catches, though – the words “subscription” and the term “pay-per-view” are mentioned. You didn’t think omni-corporations like Sky and Sony would be doing this for fun and love and the Queen, did you?

There’s no denying the PSP’s a pretty kick-arse media player, but anyone with half a brain is already well aware of how to shovel entire seasons of Lost and the Hollywood blockbuster of their choosing onto a Memory Stick for free. It’s all a bit of a marketing gimmick, by the sounds of it.

(Via Sony)

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