LG Iron Man mobile: 20 $1,500 phones to be won

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Right, that’s it. LG is officially in my bad books. “Special Edition 18-carat gold Iron Man phones,” they tell me. “Only 20 made; worth US$1,500 but only available to competition winners at Insidethesuit.com.”

So, I go to Insidethesoddingsuit. CheersverymuchLG, I found this competition is only available to residents of the US. You’d think that if they were giving away a US$1,500 phone they could stretch to international postage as well?

Yeah, well, I don’t want one anyway. They’re just a stupid LG Shine 720 dipped in gold and all superheroed up. If you happen to live in America and like really horrible phones then enter by 16th May and wait for the announcement one month later.

Now excuse me while I go and cry into my Iron Man pillow and duvet set in my Iron Man wallpapered bedroom.

Iron Man Phone (via Gearfuse)

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Daniel Sung
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