Fancy streaming web TV and radio on your Archos PMP? Or downloading porn? Now you can…

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In addition to yesterday’s In-Car Holder GPS unit for the 605 WiFi, Archos announced a couple of other additions to their popular PMP, including a firmware update allowing for Adobe Flash Player 9 support, Windows Media Video 9 compatibility, a plug-in enabling access to Web TV shows and radio stations, an update to Archos TV+, and a content distribution deal with Paramount Pictures and Deutsche Welle. Phew!

Touting their 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi models as being the market’s only PMP supporting Adobe Flash Player 9, the upgrade for both that and WMV 9 can be downloaded for free if you already own one, however if you buy one now, you’ll find it’s automatically loaded with the update. These two supported players means you can now stream video from a wide range of sites.

The plug-in for web TV and radio access will offer 9,600 web radio stations, 600 web TV stations and 110,000 podcasts for your streaming pleasure. It’ll set you back £14.99, however.

The Archos TV+ was also touched with an upgrade yesterday, given a TVportation plug-in, for streaming TV from your home to your PMP, PC, smartphone or other devices. Launching mid-year, it’ll be £29.99.

Last but not least, Archos also spoke of a recent collaboration with Deutsche Welle and Jamendo, beginning in May, where users can sign up for free and unlimited music downloads, plus rent and buy 160 films through the Archos Media Club, provided by Paramount Pictures. Zara from Shiny Shiny, who attended the launch, tells me today that for the first time, porn will also be available for download through the Media Club.


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