Internet radio upgraded in PSP's latest firmware update

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psp-firmware-update-internet-radio.jpgAre you one of those odd people who thinks Japanese pop music is a cool thing to listen to? Or perhaps you’re more of a 80s man, seeing as it is a bit hard keeping up with all the cool new bands nowadays and you can never really go wrong with Duran Duran’s Greatest hits?

Or, and this really is a long shot, perhaps you’re developing a love of classical music thank to Halo’s use of choirs and instruments made out of wood? Whatever your ear poison, chances are PSP’s latest 3.93 firmware upgrade has an option for you, thanks to it adding 20 new themed radio station players to listen to via any wi-fi hotspot.

The idea of streaming and listening to internet radio on PSP’s nothing new – it’s just slightly better organised now, so you can pigeon-hole your tastes a little easier and listen to music by genre. It’s a tweak rather than a major revision.


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