The Nokia N82 just got even cooler, with new black colour

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N82_04.jpgAccording to their press release, Nokia is marketing their new N82 to ‘urbanistas’ (even Nathan Barley would turn his nose up at that one), but it’s already been adopted by rugged men’s men, with James Cracknell using one to get him from England to Morocco in his cycling/swimming/rowing marathon last month.

Thanks to the 5.0-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens, inbuilt A-GPS technology, Wi-Fi/HSDPA connectivity and support for MicroSD cards up to 8GB, if Action Man or GI Joe used mobile phones, they’d have one too.

As if that’s not cool enough, the N82 is now about to be released in stealthy black, perfect for those sneaking missions or lone treks into the jungle.


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One thought on “The Nokia N82 just got even cooler, with new black colour

  • A great phone. Made even better when you download the ‘Geo-Tagging’ and ‘Internet Radio’ apps from the Nokia Labs, Opera Mobile, Fring and Orb.

    I wonder if I could buy the black case seperately and retro-fit my vanilla N82?


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