GPS gets 25% smaller, thanks to Epson


Epson’s Infineon XPOSYS chip is 25% smaller than any other A-GPS chip on the market, measuring just 2.8 x 2.9mm. That’s about the same size as a matchhead, as you can see in the picture.

The new smaller chip will also consume half as much power, meaning that location-based features will start becoming common on even the cheapest handsets. Will you ever be able to hide from anyone ever again? If this trend continues, then it’s unlikely.

I wrote an editorial the other day explaining why that doesn’t bother me. If you’re interested, then you can read that here. In the meantime, how much does being tracked bother you? Share your opinion below.

(via Engadget)

MWC 2008: Nokia's N78 "multimedia community phone"

nokia%20n78.jpgCrikey. The multimedia bit seems to refer to the N78’s ability to let you spend money buying music from the Nokia Music Store, with the phone also packing an FM radio for all you MUSIC THIEVES out there.

The N78 also has a rather impressive 3.2megapixel camera with lenses and bits from global Lensmaster Carl Zeiss, plus it does Nokia Maps and lets you share stuff via Nokia’s online youth portal Ovi. And there’s the A-GPS system for managing to find your dad’s house first time, and also advanced features like geo-tagging your photos…