Spike TV fit NY bus stops with Star Wars lightsabers, just in case


SpikeTV are advertising the fact they’re about to show the full Star Wars saga on TV (that’s honestly all they’re celebrating, why don’t ITV do this?) with a neat bit of marketing. Bus stop windows in New York are being converted into ‘use in case of emergency’ boxes, complete with lightsabers. Or at least fluorescent lights signifying lightsabers. Either way, being as it’s Star Wars, it won’t be long before we’re hearing reports of fanatics smashing these things open and taking home whatever’s inside.

Microsoft claim Surface could be in homes by 2011


Microsoft is claiming to be able to push out a consumer version of its coffee table-cum-PC, Surface, within the next three years, lopping a couple of years off their original forecast of 2013. VP of Specialised Devices and Applicatiobs at MS, Tom Gibbons, told Fortune magazine:

“In the three-year time window, we absolutely see how to get there. If we can beat that, we’ll try to beat that.”

Lights went out on Google Israel yesterday


If you missed it Google Israel went all black yesterday in honour of Earth Hour (something to do with raising awareness of energy conservation). Offline, Israelis were invited to turn off their lights from 8pm – 9pm, which is utterly ridiculous. Why not ask people to make sure they leave lights off during the day, rather then ask them to sit in darkness for an hour in the middle of the night?

Bird-Electron cement their position as industry leaders: EZISON 0 portable speaker


Bird-Electron have announced some wonderful new technology. The EZION 0 is an aluminum portable speaker which looks like a London Underground Tannoy box. Despite being 6 x 6 x 3 cm, it weighs 180 grams. There is no volume control, just a ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ switch. It’ll draw power from your music player, thereby reducing the battery life. The retail price is $73/£35. Demand is rumoured to be high, please put in your orders early to avoid disappointment.

LEXON fire first shot in The Great Calculator War with the 'Jet'


I found one of these in a friend’s drawer last week, (and one of these in a box at home actually, you can kiss my feet and get my autograph later) and came to the conclusion ‘pocket’ calculator design reached its zenith in the early 80’s.

LEXON have since taken umbrage at my comments and announced an aluminum alloy sliding-phone style calculator which hides the screen when closed. It is available from April at KRW 42,000 (£21) for the silver version and KRW 52,000 (£26) for the gold.