Second annual YouTube awards produce no surprises whatsoever


youtube2.jpgYouTube have held their second annual video awards, and all the irritating bastards you’ve now grown to hate won something.

As if international media appearances and having popular musicians perform covers of his song wasn’t enough, Tay (** moves away from keyboard to breathe in **) Zonday won an award for best music video; while a 1:20 ‘short clip’ consisting of nothing but a baby laughing at pieces of newspaper triumphed in the ‘adorable’ category.

It wasn’t all a massive waste of time, as ‘human Tetris’ walked away with an accolade – best creative video:

Apparently nominees and winners were chosen through an incontrovertibly accurate system based on the number of views and ‘critical reception’. Sample comments/critical reception from a few videos:

‘Tay Zonday has publicly spoken about how he suffers from a form of Primordial Dwarfism.’

‘I don’t understand most of it; i just love watching it. Lmao’

‘go masturbate yourself you peice of shit! cause we can’t believe that crap!’

‘nada qe ver pibe esos globos se cagan de risa, como quisiera esta ahi,,, eso no cambia nada mira qe a mi me re jode tood ese tema del planeta’

Check out the rest of the ‘winners’.

(via The Tech Herald)

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