Nokia intros the 6260 slide for "high speed sharing"


Nokia has introduced its latest slider phone and is emphasising how it’s “made for high speed sharing”.

Obviously, all mobile phones are made for sharing – funnily enough they were invented as a way to talk to people, before someone came along and thought that sending 160 character strings of text was a much better way of communicating, and then someone else decided to squeeze the whole of the Internet onto mobile phones and unleash the horrors wonders of Facebook and MySpace onto unsuspecting commuters.

Anyway, you get the idea. Nokia’s 6260 slide is fitted with the latest HSDPA and HSUPA technology, meaning it should be a breeze to both upload and download photos and videos to and from the plethora of web services it’s now obligatory to use on the move…

SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: Archos 7 media tablet

The other day at a trade show I got some hands-on experience with the Archos 7 media tablet. You can see the results in the video above, but what I really wonder is who the market for these devices is. They’re not easily controllable enough to have a good web experience. The streaming media is good, but if you’re in wi-fi range of your server, then why would you need to stream?

RIM gets scared by oncoming 3G iPhone, potentially delays 3G BlackBerry 8900


BlackBerry…delaying the launch of their 3G 8900 handset…because of the imminent arrival of the 3G HSDPA iPhone? Sounds strange, but that’s what the ‘sources’ have told Fortune magazine.

Of course, the official reason behind the possible delay is due to ‘call quality concerns’, but it does seem fairly obvious that pushing the launch back from June to August will help RIM determine how much of a threat the 3G iPhone will be, and also avoid having the same launch date as the Apple handset. After all, no-one likes discovering at a party they’re wearing the same outfit as their worst enemy….