GoPro Hero4 gets a firmware upgrade – now you can shoot slow-mo at 240fps

GoPro has announced a software upgrade for its Hero4 camera, bringing even better slow motion recording capabilities to the device, and more. According to Engadget the upgrade enables recording at 240fps at 720p - a bit like the iPhone 6 can do. Shooting at 2.7K has also been boosted to 60fps (up from 50fps), which…

Nintendo 3DS firmware update delayed

When Nintendo announced that a new update to their 3DS console's firmeware was going to bring with it 3D video recording capabilities, Nintendo fans held little mushroom parties, high-fiving each other and pulling on their best Donkey Kong cosplay costumes…

Nintendo 3DS eShop and browser update coming June 7th

Nintendo have just revealed that their Nintendo 3DS console will be getting a firmware update on June 7th. The patch will bring access to nintendos eShop to the 3D portable console, allowing you to grab demos, 3D films and…

Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras get 3D firmware update

Owners of Sony's new NEX-5 and NEX-3 interchangeable lens cameras can today download a free update that will let them shoot snaps in 3D. Sony don't give away any secrets on how the 3D shots are captured, but the…

iPhone 3.0 firmware available already on torrent sites


As soon as Apple announced that the iPhone 3.0 firmware was immediately available to developers at the WWDC on Monday we knew it wouldn’t be long before torrents appeared online.

So, if you’ve got itchy fingers and you just can’t wait another week to be able to send an MMS or do some copying and pasting with your iPhone, get yourself over to The Pirate Bay, or any other torrent indexer for that matter, and get hold of the torrent.

Do so at your own risk, however. If you want to play it safe, just wait until the official launch in seven days time.

Reports have been pretty positive so far, in so much as it seems to work.

My advice would be to wait until official launch day. Then again, I am a fairly dull and boring individual. Others may advise you to live for the day. Just don’t come crying to me if you manage to balls it up.

Seagate Fail part two: firmware fix breaks other drives


Poor Seagate. Late last week, the news broke that their Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drives were failing en masse. Admirably, the company’s already published a firmware fix, but maybe they pushed it out a little too fast because it’s causing 500GB drive owners’ discs to fail en masse.

The update has been taken offline for the moment, and users of 1TB and 750GB drives are reporting successful updates, but if you’re on a 500GB drive and you’ve downloaded but not installed the update, then I certainly don’t recommend doing so just yet.

Seagate Forum (via Tom’s Hardware)

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Apple releases iPhone firmware 2.2: better maps, Mail, Safari, podcasts, call quality


I realise that this is fairly irrelevant news if you don’t own an iPhone, but for die-hard Apple handset fans, the big news of the day is that firmware version 2.2 is finally here and ready to download.

As usual, it’s a fairly hefty download, so beef up your broadband connection for the 246MB ride.

Once done, you’ll get some nifty new features. How useful they are depends on how you use the iPhone, of course…