#IFA2015 Toshiba introduces Ultra HD 4K convertible and laptop/tablet Satellite Click 10

Amazingly it's been 30 years since Tosh introduced the world's first mass market laptop. Where does the time go? Things have certainly changed a bit since 1985 with this year's IFA in Berlin seeing the Japanese company introducing the world's first 12.5inch Ultra HD 4K convertible, the Satellite Radius 12. Also new to the line…

REVIEW: Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB external hard drive

If you're looking to do some super-quick, super-painless PC spring cleaning, you'll want to grab an external hard drive with USB 3.0 transfer speeds. Western Digital's My Book Essential range offers as much as a massive 3TB of external storage, and transfer speeds three times as fast as USB 2.0 thanks to their USB 3.0 connectivity options. We took a 3TB model for a spin. Read on for our thoughts!