Toshiba introduces personal storage solution for Android phones

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Toshiba personal storage.jpgToshiba’s  Personal Storage Division has announced it is now shipping the ‘CANVIO for Smartphone’, a portable storage device for backing up and charging Android phones.

It is estimated that a small minority of smartphone users have backups – and just 8% backup their phones regularly . The CANVIO for Smartphone backs up and charges a connected phone in one single user operation.

Backups are automatically created each time the smartphone connects without the need for user intervention and after activating this function in the Android app.

As well as smartphone charging and backup, the CANVIO for Smartphone allows users to manage data via their phones using the app. At the same time the device can simplify the set-up of new smartphones by providing an easy route to transfer data from an old phone with just a few taps.

For PC users, the CANVIO for Smartphone can still be used as a conventional external hard drive, backing up data via USB Type-A and USB Type-C interfaces. Finally, it can be shared by several devices, enabling multiple users to benefit from data backup and data sharing.

Says Lorenzo Martinez-Palomo, General Manager of Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, Personal Storage Division: “Thousands of mobile phones are lost, stolen, dropped and broken every day, yet most users backup the data on their phones infrequently, if ever at all.”



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  • Toshiba has recently launched CANVIO which automatically backs up data
    from android devices and also charges them.This portable device can also
    be manipulated as an external hard drive in the case of PCs.

  • CANVIO for Smartphone

    Toshiba has noted regarding the launch of its ‘CANVIO for Smartphone’ a mobile storage
    gadget for backing up data and charging Android devices with only one user
    functioning aspect. Enabling this operation in the Android App, backing up data
    is done without manual control. Additionally, it features the aspect for users
    to handle data through their phones with the help of the app and simplify data
    transfer from an old to a new device. The gadget can also be used as an
    external hard drive coming to Personal Computers. It is shared via multiple
    devices to benefit multiple users.

  • Toshiba’s CANVIO for Smartphone is one effective mobile storage gadget which creates a copy of the data stored in the mobile and is used in supplying charge for Android phones.

    Backups are done without manual consent after enabling it on the app, whenever the phone is plugged with it.Additionally, the gadget along with the app allows everyone to manipulate info through their smartphones while also providing a relatively easy method to move data between phones.

    In the case of Personal Computers, the captivating gadget functions as an external hard drive to store data which can be distributed among multiple devices.

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