CES2017: Ubtech introduces Alexa-powered Lynx robot

CES 2017, Robots
Above: Ubtech Robotics offers a range of fun robots, including a new model powered by Amazon’s virtual assistant

Is the age of the personalised robot edging closer? Certainly it would seem that way judging by the all the the robotics companies exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas this year.

Chinese company Ubtech is one of those hoping to bring affordable robots into the home with its latest Lynx model.

Using Amazon’s voice activated virtual assistant, Alexa, the robot is able to answer any questions you have such as ‘what is the weather doing in Las Vegas?’ or ‘what Yoga moves can I do today?’

You can also log in to Lynx’s brain remotely so, for example, if the robot is in the house and you are thousands of miles away you can see through its eyes in surveillance mode. You can also communicate remotely with family members by turning Lynx into your avatar!

The beauty of Lynx, according to John Rhee of Ubtech Robotics, is that it will improve over time as Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa improves.

“We’re constantly evolving the Lynx platform so as Alexa gets smarter so does Lynx,” Rhee recently told the BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones here.

Last year Ubtech Robotics announced a deal with Manchester City to entertain fans with ‘humanoid robots’ by singing songs and performing tricks.

The robots are also featured on LED screens around the Etihad stadium and on other content shared on the club’s website and through social media.

Chris Price
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