Wii U gets an update, but major performance boost wont come till Autumn

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wiiu.jpgNintendo has released a small software update for their struggling Wii U console.

The newest firmware update will allow the console to download SpotPass data and other software updates while in standby mode, as well as some minor bug fixes, support enhancements and “adjustments to enhance user experience”.

However, the anticipated speed update that should help boost the console’s laggy performance when loading and jumping between apps and games wont be here until the “end of September or beginning of October”.

Nintendo says that the update will include “further additions to system functionality” including new features that the gaming giant hasn’t currently revealed details on.

Nintendo has already released one speed update for the machine but it still left a lot of Wii U owners wanting, with load times and general performance still a way behind the standard they’d expect from a next-gen machine.

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