Apple releases iPhone firmware 2.2: better maps, Mail, Safari, podcasts, call quality


iphone-2-2-firnware-update.jpgI realise that this is fairly irrelevant news if you don’t own an iPhone, but for die-hard Apple handset fans, the big news of the day is that firmware version 2.2 is finally here and ready to download.

As usual, it’s a fairly hefty download, so beef up your broadband connection for the 246MB ride.

Once done, you’ll get some nifty new features. How useful they are depends on how you use the iPhone, of course.

iphone-google-maps-updated-walking.jpgGoogle Maps has finally been updated to include Street View, public transport, and walking directions (let’s hear it for non-drivers – hmm, just me then?), displaying the address of dropped pins, and sharing location via email.

It works pretty well, though its choice of bus to take me from home into the next town wasn’t the one I’d take. It did, however, perform well on the tin-pot public transport service in my parents’ home town, which I’d say is pretty impressive. I also couldn’t work out how to access Street View, which would suggest that London isn’t quite finished yet.

Mail has been updated to include better formatting of HTML messages and improved overall performance.

Safari’s performance and stability has also been enhanced. It’s now possible to get podcasts via iTunes. Phone calls should be more reliable, with improved audio quality of visual voicemail, and there’s the ability to turn off auto-correction.

Apple iPhone (via Pocket Gamer)

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  • Try Jailbreaking your iPhone. You get most of everything you need…all the apps you could ever want for free…MMS is available through a third party app but it costs extra. The camera is a helluva lot better once jailbroken, including a video camera and zoom, multiple shots and photo editing on iPhone.

    Still need flash though.

  • personally i’d like MMS, SMS forwarding, the ability to rename photos & move them to different folders. The iPhone has some peculiar…blind spots.

    • I quite agree, Sam. I’m on the Android/iPhone brink at the moment, perhaps with a bit of N96 thrown in, and I was rather disappointed with the iPhone’s inability to work with a Polaroid Pogo printer and such a bad camera anyway.

      You do wonder quite what their game is, although I am hearing that there will be a new version in January.

  • I hear that the next firmware upgrade will allow us to actually watch Santa and his workshop at the North Pole. And in future upgrades there is talk of being able to use the iPhone to talk directly with GOD! Oh, but there is just NO WAY Flash Player can be written for the phone….TOO COMPLICATED!

  • Great updates the turning of auto correction is great! now all we need is flash player!
    CT: you can turn off sms preview im sure so you can only view it by unlocking the phone!

  • I don’t have the 3g iPhone but would be happy to pair upwith a Bluetooth gps reciever if I was able to

  • how about texts not coming up on the screen. Not good when your kids are playing a game and someone sends you a joke which isn’t suitable for kids.

  • Okay seen as only I get to comment, I may as well add I would like 2 cut & paste between apps. So Apple please take note.

  • The most needed upgrade is flash player support, then my iPhone will be near perfect.

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