Nintendo 3DS eShop and browser update coming June 7th

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Nintendo have just revealed that their Nintendo 3DS console will be getting a firmware update on June 7th.

The patch will bring access to nintendos eShop to the 3D portable console, allowing you to grab demos, 3D films and retro Virtual Console games, as well as giving the console internet access with a web browser.

There are also rumours that the update will bring with it news of a host of newly retro-fitted games from Nintendo’s back catalogue, adding 3D smarts to the company’s biggest hits.

Gerald Lynch
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  • i agree 101% yes 101. Nintendo should have waited and second off, personally i think that there no good games out. I am waiting for zelda ocarina of time, mario kart 3d and paper mario 3d which are coming but when? I have no idea. COME ON NINTENDO PULL IT TOGETHER. I LOVE NINTENDO AND WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. contact me at Thank you.

  • June 7th!? Why so freaking late!? That sucks big time, I bought the console early, don’t have any games on it… Playing AR gets boring especially when you unlocked everything.. and not everyone wants to play with Mii’s..

    Browsing the net would be cool it would give me more to do with my 3DS, because right now its just gathering dust on its charge cradle or collecting Pocket lint in my pocket as I walk around at work every day.

    Come on Nintendo…. You guys should know better, don’t release a console if the main features arent done!

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