Skype has finally arrived on the Sony PSP, in firmware update 3.9!


Hey, better rummage around in your loft and find your dusty slim ‘n lite PSP, careful you don’t step on that waffle griddle up there!

Now that you’ve got your once-beloved handheld console from just a few months ago in your hands, crank it up and download the new 3.9 firmware for it. Notice anything different about it? Ahh, yes, that’ll be Skype that you can see there! And those with Skype accounts already will be able to see their contacts list, plus add new ones to the list. Never fear, those who don’t have accounts already, as you can sign up on the PSP for a free one.

All the usual features of Skype will be available, including free calls between Skype users, calls to phones using their SkypeOut function, and you can even receive calls with SkypeIn.

Word of warning though – this is only available to those with the new slim and light PSP model, not the original chunky one. And you’ll have to buy the compatible headset too…

Skype & PSP

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Katherine Hannaford
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