Snoop Dogg does the bizzle for Orange's mobile shizzle

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It’s the battle of the A-list giants. Yesterday, 3 promoted a new mobile game by hiring Gemma Atkinson to pose for photographs in a miniscule grid-girl outfit. Today, Orange announces that it’s got Snoop Dogg starring in its new cinema advert. Sorry 3, you lose this time.

Sadly, Orange’s ad still has those unfunny marketing executives in it – the plot this time is they get into a fight with Snoop’s crew after trying to get him to change his lyrics to promote Orange: “Mr Dogg, if you could replace the line – I’m giving mad love by riding with the honeys with – gonna pick up my mobile, gonna make some off-peak calls!”

Anyway, if I worked for Vodafone or T-Mobile, I’d be putting in calls to Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson and The Queen RIGHT NOW to try and get tomorrow’s headlines. What an ad that would be, too.

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