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Yesterday, we wrote about the Orange store in Carnaby Street’s new interactive window display, and suggested that it’s being used to promote the mobile operator’s latest tariffs. Ebenezer Banful of The Alternative, which created the display, has been in touch with a correction. Over to him:

“The system does not promote Orange’s text or phone packages at all. In fact, there is not a sales aspect to this interactive. It doesn’t show devices, nor does it line up tariffs or offers in any way. You would have to go into the store during opening hours to access these. What the window does offer the passer- by is a fun experience, with free content and information services that may be of interest (eg. ITN news feeds, film clips, music videos etc).”

We’re happy to set the record straight. Banful says that feedback so far from passers-by has been positive. “Users seem to enjoy an experience that is all about using some new technology in a fun way, rather than just looking at the static traditional store window and it being salesy or bland,” he says.

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