Press some flesh with the Handshake information ring



Business cards, eh? What are they good for? You go to an industry conference, give out several dozen, receive several dozen in return, give some of them out by mistake after a few glasses of wine in the evening drinks part, and then stick the remaining cards at the back of a drawer. Useless.

Handshake is a concept design that aims to swap all those cards for a simple ring. When you meet someone, if they have one too, your rings will exchange information, allowing you to see just who you met when you get home – complete with photos to jog your memory. Better still, it’s powered by your own body heat (i.e. how sweaty you get in social situations).

It’s a concept product, as I said, so skips away cackling at any cynical accusations that it wouldn’t work unless every businessperson in your industry had one. This is THE FUTURE, alright?

(via Yanko Design)

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Stuart Dredge
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