Belkin gets in quick with MacBook Air sleeves

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macbook-air-sleeve.jpgWhen Steve Jobs says ‘Jump!’, all manner of accessory manufacturers say ‘How high can we set prices for new products based on Apple gear?’. Thankfully, Belkin isn’t taking the mickey too much with its just-announced range of MacBook Air sleeves.

The Slim-Fit Sleeve is $39.99 whether you buy the version with a band or without, while the Neoprene sleeve, Vertical sleeve, Expression sleeve with shoulder strap, and the Leather/Neoprene sleeve all cost $49.99. By the time they reach the UK, exchange rate changes will probably* make that about a tenner each.

There isn’t much else to say about laptop sleeves, even when they’re for the wafer-thin MacBook Air. You put the laptop inside, they all keep it nice and snug, and mean you don’t cover your new laptop in mucky fingerprints. Grand.

Belkin MacBook Air sleeves

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*That’s our little financial-markets joke. They’ll be more than a tenner over here.

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