Macworld Expo 2008: MacBook Air hands on

Macworld 2008

I’m letting the video speak for itself! Pictures after the jump. Impressions:

– Ridiculously light
– Keypad feels normal and usable (looks slightly odd, but in a nice way)
– Touchpad smooth as ice
– Backlit LED screen beautifully bright and not as small as you might think
– Totally covetable (as if you didn’t know)

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Alexandra Roumbas
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  • Jay: please don’t lump hundreds of people together as “you ‘tech’ bloggers” It should be fairly obvious to anyone with a brain that a lot of people *don’t* like Apple.

  • Shame it’s already been done, and better. It’s called the “Sharp Actius MM20” and it has a removable battery, exhangeable hard drive, built in ports and PC card slot.

    But none of you “tech” bloggers noticed. As they say on the net, it doesn’t exist until Apple do it.

    PS Sony’s VAIO VGN-X505VP is only slightly thicker but more feature-packed too…….

    PPS But Toshiba’s Portege R200 is even thinner…….

  • – completely sealed so you cannot change the HD or even the battery (!)
    – one USB port
    – underpowered mono speaker (!)
    – sodding great bag to carry all the equipment you’ll need to get power and full functionality
    – pricer than other superthin laptops (Sony, Toshiba in particular) which do much more but are far too thick all of a sudden (i.e. as soon as Apple create a thinner one)

    I believe they call this sort of thing a step backwards in return for good looks and smug bragging rights. Bloggers will wet their knickers for weeks over something they’d hardly have noticed if another manufacturer had done it (just ask LG ’bout that).

    Covet it all you want; I’m sticking with my awesome Viao TZ21. You know, with the old Vaio form factor Apple stole a couple of years ago after they had to extract themselves from the toilet seat laptop debacle.

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