iPhone UK launch: Steve Jobs makes the announcement

I was three rows away. Three freakin’ rows, as Susi might say. Do you understand what this means? It makes your Cons’ laces untie themselves with the sheer untarnished geek cool of it. You’re ready to whip out your credit card whether you want the damn device or not because he’s just so bloody personable. I was thisclose to Steve Jobs, an international inspiration for the modern CEO and personal hero, and what was the first thing that crossed my mind?

iPhone UK launch: How much does it really cost to own one?

iphone-uk.jpgI’m not talking about the features here. I think anyone would agree that – lack of 3G notwithstanding – the features packed into an iPhone make it worth a few quid.

And with Steve Jobs announcing that they’re not even going to bother with the 4GB model over here but go straight to an 8GB model for £269 (only about £70 more than the US using the current exchange rate which is unusually generous for the UK as it’s essentially VAT plus a small premium for UK business costs).

IFA 07: LG DVR Pause and Play TV and PC users

lg_lcd_dvr_range.jpgFor those of you into your pause and play TV, LG also had new 160GB DVRs with dual digital tuners on display. Each will naturally allow you to watch one program while recording another. They’ve got Freeview Playback Certification from the UK’s Digital TV group, so you can record subtitles and closed captions, in addition to video and audio, as well as intelligently schedule recording times in case a TV programme over-runs.