PC World brings free laptop offer back from the dead

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advent-laptop.jpgRemember last July, when PC World offered customers a free laptop if they signed up to Orange broadband? And how the offer ended a month later after it was hugely popular? Well, PC World is at it again, except now it’s 3’s mobile broadband service that’s footing the bill.

Here’s the new deal: sign up to an 18-month subscription for 3’s Mobile Broadband service, and you get £350 towards a new laptop chosen from a list of more than ten – some of which will be free when that discount is applied. The Mobile Broadband tariff is £35 a month, for which you get a 3GB download allowance.

However, it’s worth doing some sums before deciding if this is really a good deal…

Say you choose the Advent 9915W laptop, which should cost £479.99, but costs 129.99 under this deal. Factor in the Mobile Broadband tariff at £35 a month, and over the 18 months of the contract, that laptop will end up costing you £759.99.

However, if you’re not going to be using up that 3GB monthly allowance, you could buy the laptop for £479.99 and sign up separately to 3’s Broadband Lite tariff, which is £10 a month with a 1GB allowance, with the modem free on a 24-month contract.

So over that first 18 months, you’d end up paying a total of £659.99 – £100 less – although you’d have six months to go on the contract. This isn’t to say PC World’s deal is a rip-off, though: it’s good value especially if you’re a heavy user of mobile broadband, or plan to use it instead of fixed-line broadband.

Anyway, these are the kinds of sums you have to do whenever you’re offered something for free. Judging by the success last time round, PC World should prepare for an influx of customers eager to sign up.

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